PoemoftheWeek.com was founded by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, author of Visiting Hours (2020) and Ghost Gear (2016).
Updated weekly throughout the Fall and Spring, PoemoftheWeek.com celebrates three poems from a book published by a single poet. Each celebration includes interviews with the poet, reviews of the collection, readings from the book, and other supplementary material that broadens the scope of the conversation between the poet and their work with the general public.
PoemoftheWeek.com is an essential resource for writers, teachers, and anyone interested in contemporary American arts and letters. For more information, contact Andrew at Andrew@PoemoftheWeek.com.

PoemoftheWeek.com does not accept submissions.
Selections are made each semester by the guest editor and Andrew.
Guest editors include:

CMarie Fuhrman, Fall 2021
Cyrus Cassells, Spring 2021
Angela Narcisco Torres, Fall 2020
Luke Johnson, Spring 2020
Vandana Khanna, Spring 2019
Ocean Vuong, Spring 2018
Tyree Daye, Fall 2018
Judy Jordan, Spring 2017
TR Hummer, Fall 2017
Mark J Brewin, Spring 2016
Phillip B Williams, Fall 2016